Inner Strength

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You'd be surprised. When you push yourself to the limit (or what you think is the limit) you still have 70% to go. It all comes from within. Your mind is more powerful than you think. Guard it. Bad energy, be gone 🪬 ♾️
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Length: Universal (one size fits all)
Weight: 5.8 grams
Design: Solid perfectly rounded bracelet with iced hamza on one end and a round, clear stone on other end
Material: Gold Plated Alloy and Zircon
Power: Just when you think you have reached your limit, theres always another 50% of power in you hiding underneath, much like an iceberg hides most of its mass under the water. You just gotta find it deep within yourself. This bracelet will give you the inner strength to bring it out* 🔋

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