Ocean Eyes

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Our favorite song by Billie Eilish. Also the name of this beautiful evil eye bracelet that wards away negative vibes and bad energy 🧿
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Size: Universal (one size fits all)
Charm Size: Width: 2.5 cm Height: 1.6 cm
Weight: 5.1 grams
Design: Elegant symmetrical eye shape with three layers of small different colored stones covering the surface. Pull-tie for easy adjustment and comfort. 
Material: 18k Gold Plated Copper
Power: They say the eyes can be used as portals to access other dimensions. Sometimes when you look into peoples eyes, their eyes can tell you everything. Sometimes, you can look into somebody else's eyes and learn a thing or two about the world. With this bracelet, harness the power to look into one's eyes and truly feel and read whats behind them* 🌊

Ocean Eyes
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