Just Breathe

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When things get crazy, and you think you can't handle it. Just breathe. Find your inner peace. Find your balance. It's as easy as taking a simple breath 🌬️
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Size: Universal (adjustable)
Weight: 5.1 grams
Pendant Size: Width 4.0 cm Height: 1.4 cm
Design: Hoop for the earhole. Dangling iced out pendant around single blue eye in the middle
Material: Gold Plated Copper
Power: With everything going on in the world today, sometimes we forget to close our eyes and just ... take a DEEEP breath. Ahhhhhh. That feels good. We want more moments like this. Wear this set of earrings and remember to just breathe and enjoy the precious moments life has to offer!* πŸƒ

Just Breathe
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