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Hieroglyphics. Secret Societies. Cleopatra. Whatever you want to call it. This Eye of Horus offers the protection you need from bad energy and haters πŸͺ¬
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Length: 16.5 inches (+4 inches adjustable)
Pendant Size: Width: 1.1 inches Height: 1 inch
Weight: 10.5 grams
Design: Beautiful "eye of horus" shaped pendant iced with clear bright stones to perfection. This piece certainly gets a LOT of compliments to say the least
Material: 18k Gold Plated Brass
Power: The ancient sky god Horus was said to have the sun for one eye and the moon for another eye. Imagine having that kind of vision? This piece serves as a symbol of prosperity and protection. You will always be watched after and protected whilst wearing this jaw-dropping beauty* πŸ‘οΈ

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