Hamsa Child

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Big things come in small packages. This cute charm is powerful in bringing good luck and repelling negative vibes πŸͺ¬
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Length: 18.5 inches (+2 inches adjustable)
Pendant Size: Width: 0.8 inches Height: 0.55 inches
Weight: 3.8 grams
Design: Intricately white-stone iced classic hamsa hand with powerful eye in the palm. 
Material: Gold Plated Alloy
Power: The earliest known belief in the power of evil eyes predates ancient Roman and Greek times. This powerful force has been known to bring forth misfortune and injury on anyone who is unfortunate enough to receive this malevolent glare. Over 5,000 years of belief in this across many religions and cultures. Need we say more? Moral of the story... protect yourself. Be a Hamsa Child* πŸͺ¬

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