Eye Of The Beholder

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Beauty is in the eye of the 🐝 (bee) holder... But in all seriousness, the power of perspective is important in life. Be grateful, be thankful, be loving, work hard, and good things will come.
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Length: 18.5 inches (+2 inches adjustable)
Pendant Size: Width: 0.7 inches Height: 0.45 inches 
Weight: 3.4 grams
Design: Classic evil eye protection. White stone around the eye perimeter and blue eye in center.
Material: Plated Alloy
Power: Behold the power of protection with this beautifully crafted piece. Jealousy and ill-intent towards you can negatively impact all aspects of your life without you knowing. Have the power to prosper in life while wearing this mighty yet classic piece* πŸ‘Š

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