Glow Up

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Glow up SZN ✨ Glowing up can be with make up, working out, eating healthy etc. HOWEVER (no matter how corny it sounds), the real glow up is within. When you have good energy, you radiate and people want to be around you. Have appreciation, gratitude and be thankful for everything life has to offer πŸ™πŸ½
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Length: 15.5 inches (+2 inches adjustable)
Pendant Size: Width: 0.7 inches Height: 0.5 inches
Weight: 2.7 grams
Design: Exquisitely designed pendant with powerful white eye outline with white stones inside the outline and blue stones inside the iris and black pupil. Linked by golden-colored chain necklace on either side
Material: 18k Gold Plated Alloy and Zircon
Power: Nothing beats a powerful Glow-Up season. Make this season yours. Glow-Ups can happen in various aspects of your life. This powerful piece will give the person wearing it the power to keep the bad energy away and radiate all those positive vibes from within into the world and truly make this season their glow-up season* 🌟 

Glow Up
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